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This calculator calculate your age from your age , provide your date of birth, we will tell you how old are you in days, seconds, minutes, hours, years and months.

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About Age Calculator

One day I was filling a form where I need to fill out information related to how much old I will be on specific date i-e supposed to be the ending date of form submission date, so I tried to calculate it manually and it gets me a lot of effort, I decided to make this online tool where you can easily calculate how old are you now or how old you will be on a specific date, for fun/knowledge I also added total seconds you have spent in this world

Humanity has passed through many ages, history shows we have been through stone age, snow age, iron age and lot more. We are in people says the age of technology, that's why you are using this calculator.

People living in rural areas and our favorite holiday destination are more healthy and get longer age as compared to living in cities. Citizens of Bermuda, Sweden, Iceland, Switzerland, Macau have a life expectancy of more than 80 average.

In some cultures you are 9 months old when you are born, in others newborns are considered one year old. So if you are 28 in America you could be 29 or 30 years old in Korea

How to use age calculator

In the above form select year, month and date when you were born, and we will tell you how old are you in year month and days. e.g. I was born on 16 May 2017, I want to know how old am I in days or in seconds, my calculation is

You are 30 Year, 04 Months, 13 Days Old 
You are 958521600 seconds old
You have lived 11094 days
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