Age calculator

Caclulate How Old Are You in days minutes or hours

This lightweight online calculator helps you to calculate your age, provide your date of birth we will tell you your age converted in exact days, seconds, minutes, hours , years and months.

Caculate how old are you in

Age calculation formula

This is how we are calulating your age.

  • First of all we are taking a difference from your givven date to current date using date_diff in php
  • date_diff returns difference in total days
  • There are 86400 seconds in one day, 24(hours in a day) * 60(minutes in each hour) * 60(seconds in each minutes)
  • Multiplying 86400 with total days difference calculated using datefiff gives tell us how old we are in seconds

We will first calculate how old are you in total years months and days e.g. your birthday is 16/05/1987 , the calculation will be "You are 29 Year, 11 Months, 22 Days Old", "You have lived 946033493 seconds" and You are 10949 old in days.

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woow i am 14 years old today .. it's my bday


cheers .. hbd Deedat.. i am also 14


I am 10816 old.. and i don't wanna count seconds


This tool is good for tracking new born date record.

No Name

I have been tracking record of my dog(craze) who was born 10 days ago , thank for making this tool . p.s. tracking from

Kerri E. Hill

Any one here who can beat 2014724751 seconds.

Kerri E. Hill

Kerrie .. i am 2914724751 seconds old i believe you are roughly 62 years old.


I was trying to fill a online job form and it asked me how old you will be on a specific date and i was like uggggg.... thank you for help!


my results
You are 18 Year, 00 Months, 2 Days Old You have lived 568302865 seconds Exact total days 6577


My own calculation using math/calclator.
I am 17 years , 07 months, 08 days old and total days ~ 6430
Next birthday in 4 months 22 days


I thought i was 35 , my wife said i am 36 , but actually i am 34 years old :P


I am 6730 days old, and i spent 3365 days sleeping :p